Virginia Cottage Soaps 
Vegan & Goat's Milk Handmade Body Care

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  • "Hi there. I bought one of your products while visiting the Peanut Fest. It was the Acne Relief Herbal. I get flare ups here and there. WOW. Well, I am almost 39 and I am sure yo..."
    Robyn E.
  • "Hello! A very sweet young lady who works with me here in Franklin Virginia, surprised me with a gift from your company...I'm a very particular when it comes to me using differen..."
    Brenda Barr
  • "Your product helps me so much. It relieves the itchy skin and gets rid of the sores. I'm no longer bleeding down my arms. Blessings."
    Marie Clark

Our Lotion

Avocado Oil

Grape-seed Oil

Hemp-seed Oil

Bees or Vegan Wax

Pure Essential Oils

Vitamin E

Grape-fruit seed extract

The Competition

Top Brand  Lotion Ingredients....

Butylated hydroxianisole (BHA)
Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)
Polyethylene- (PEG)
(MIT) toxic preservative

....The list goes on....

Read the labels....

You probably don't realize how full of chemicals the average lotion is...Carcinogenic (cancer-causing)  are the norm. But NOT with Virginia Cottage Products. Our Lotions are handcrafted from scratch with as little as four Ingredients. No fillers are used and they won't last indefinitely- About 6 months, and can keep longer with refrigeration. These are Handmade with fine oils, (like Grape-seed, Avocado and Hemp). They help even the driest skin to be rejuvenated! Try today and Feel the difference.  


Our products stand apart from the competition due to the quality of our ingredients.  Our soaps are each handcrafted with Olive oil and Coconut oil.  Our creams and lotions are so pure and made with grape-seed & Avocado Oils.

We scent our soaps and lotions and all of our products with pure essential oils; and are totally committed to never using fragrance oils (toxic).

NEVER Fragrance Oil, NEVER Soy   
Our spicy blend of cinnamon and cloves
We are committed to only using the best ingredients. You will not find soy-bean oil, or fragrance oils used in Va Cottage Soap's Handcrafted Products. Starting with the best ingredients, including Olive Oil, Coconut Oil,  sometimes Palm oil and Hemp-seed Oil, we make each batch of soap the old - fashioned way, with very few ingredients. We use real lye, which is a must if you're truly making soap.

Virginia Cottage soaps are handcrafted. This is real soap-No detergents! We scent our soaps using real Essential Oils, NEVER fragrance oils. Essential oils are made from plant material, i.e. Lavender Essential oil is made from tons of pressed lavender buds. Where as any fragrance oil is synthetically produced in a laboratory and are full of harmful chemicals...very toxic. Handcrafted means made with our hands.

We make Handcrafted Soap with Essential Oils, in Hampton Roads, VA. This means starting with RAW ingredients. We do not use pre-made soap A.K.A.-melt n' pour!  'Melt n' pour soap is  laden with harmful chemicals.

Our Helpful Hemp Soap helps sensitive skin