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The company held a party history knowledge competition

Release time:2021-12-27 13:50:00  Browse times:1240

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Award group photo

There are two links in the competition: must answer and rush answer. Seven contestants from each branch responded calmly and actively rush to answer. After more than an hour of fierce competition, the contestants of fuel Party branch won the first prize, the contestants of R & D and marketing Party branch won the second prize, and the contestants of management, environment, production and operation and dust removal Party branch won the third prize. The party secretary and branch secretaries of the company presented awards to the winners and took group photos.
Party members have said that through this knowledge competition, they have re studied the history of the party, further deepened their understanding and understanding of the history of the party, and should turn the learning results into work motivation, base on their posts, do their own job well, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, and make more contributions to the development of the company. (yuan Lingzhi / Wenwang Songlin / photo)